Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring and Summer 2004

  • Spring 2004 – A box arrived from Georgia. The box was wrapped in cloth with the addresses written on it in ink, and sewn together around gifts. The package was filled with gifts from Tina , including one of the small quilts finished. Rather than using a usual quilting stitch, the quilter had chain-stitched the design. It was lovely and it made me think that somehow if I were to learn more about traditional Georgian needlework designs, these could be incorporated in future patterns. Hmmmm. About that time Tina sent in an email the names and information about each of the women at the Center.

  • July,2004 - I sent a second box to Gori in July, 04. This one included several simple nine-patch quilt design projects designs, and fabrics for about 13 quilts, some would be as small as 40x40”, and others as large as a twin bed size. There were instruction books for each of the women. It was a big box, and the postage by slow mail was over $200. I had batting to send, but it would have cost another $100. I emailed Tina and asked if she could get batting there and she told me she could, so I didn’t send it.

  • Months went by. Email was always off and on - just like the electricity, and other power in Georgia. By February 05, when I had not heard that the package had arrived, I had about given up and decided I would need to trace the package to try to find out what had happened to it. I tried to trace it at the post office, but no one knew how to do that. I received an email from Tina in March, and she wrote that the box arrived and they were at work on the quilt projects!

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