Monday, February 2, 2009

  • Hello my friend. I ‘m very glad that I received your letter. I’m happy because your’re
    very well. We’re very well too.we have a beautiful office and we usually work I used
    your experience.Maiusa’s Lessons, I’m thank for you, I’m happy when I remember ourgood time. My third child married and We’re waiting for a baby.I miss you,Jenny Welly. I want that you’ll come to Georgia.I invite you.
    Disable’s persons do an enamel on the rings,knit the carpets and they teach other arts,so that we work very well.
    Now I kiss you and Wall.Give my regard to our friends.

    Your Tina

    I give you photos of my office.

    Two weeks after dedicating and celebrating the new Center the city of Gori was bombed by the Russian Army in the beginning of the 2008 Georgian Russian war. We sent many emails during those first weeks and having no response we had to just wait to hear how the war effected the lives of our friends. We could only imagine that the new center might have been destroyed, or taken by the government for other purposes in this time of crisis. We knew that many of the people in Gori with disabilities lived in high rise apartment buildings that looked just like the ones that had been bombed that we saw on the news. Praying seemed to be all that we could do.

    Just before Christmas, I sent an email hoping to hear something. Due to the weather in Portland, our plans to travel on Christmas were cancelled leaving me time to check my email. It was a wonderful Christmas Gift! An email from Tina. The Center survived the war and so did the people who had been involved in the quilt project. There were disruptions but they were back in operation at the Gori Center. In fact the Center had been useful in housing seven families who lost their homes in the bombing. The disabled individuals produced 2000 units of “linen” ( bedding) for the people in their city who lost so much last summer. The following is that email, my Christmas surprise of 2008:

    I am happy to get you letter. I am glad to hear you are well. As for us, we had difficult time in August, because of the war situation. we had been refugees for 20 days in august and september. many people died around us, bombs were not far from us. we saw much bad unhappiness days during the war. we all are well now and our office is safe. I am going working and have good plans concerning to our organization. At pfresent i am working on the project "Day center for disabled children". We also had refugee families at the center(7 families). they live at the center for a month and then they moved to another place. Women at our center go on making rugs and quilts. We have also made linen for refugees(2000 units) and gave them to refugees. so if there will be chance we can made quilts, rugs, blankets and linen for sale.I am happy yoy are going to take part in the fastival in Eugene

    Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!! YoursTina

    How you can support the women of the Gori Center for People with Disabilities:

    Purchase their work: small quilts, larger quilts, tapestries and other original crafts they produce. All funds will be sent directly to the Center and will benefit the individual women who made the items. Contact Jeanne at

    Send fabric and other quilting and handcraft supplies directly to the Center at the following address:

    "Gori disables' Club"
    20 tarkhnishvili street, 1400,
    Gori, Republic of Georgia.

    Help with the cost of mailing donated supplies and fabrics: Contact Jeanne at

    Send books on quilting and other handcrafts directly to the Center at the above address. Check with the Post Office if you can send books and printed materials by a special international book rate, which will save on postage.

    Send messages to the women in Gori, Georgia, words of support, encouragement and appreciation for the quilting, tapestries and other fabric art work by way of this blog.

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