Monday, February 2, 2009

Quilting Begins in Georia: Pictures & Stories

The first 10 women who worked on the quilting project sent their personal stories written in English. I have not edited what they wrote. These women have worked on their English lessons as well as their needlework!


I was born in 1958. I am disabled from my childhood. That was a birthing trauma. I have a trauma of the upper part of the hip. Many years I spent in a plaster cast, practically without moving. From childhood I have learned lessons not to give up. I graduated a secondary school, later I graduated Gori State Pedagogical Institute and many years worked as a teacher. I am retired now and spent all my sphere time quilting, sewing and knitting.


Iam disabled and have moving impairments. I was born in 1950 in Georgia. My disability is not a very big problem for me because I am very optimistic and I look at things as they are. My disability is part of my life and I try to live with it. No one can change the laws of GOD. But I realized many years before that we are able to change ourselves personally. I always think that it is nice to live and love, to create something useful, to be a mother and a wife.


"It was very difficult for me when I found out I would never be able to walk again - I thought my heart would explode when I heard that. But I was told I would be able to move around in a wheelchair and be useful for my family. I was very depressed when I got to the Rehabilitation Center in Yerevan, Armenia. I met lots of people in wheelchairs there - they were learning sewing, embroidery, knitting and rugs. The men were involved in drawing, jewelry making, shoe fixing and many other things and you could see that people's lives went on in an ordinary way."
So I decided simply to live.

I am disabled from my childhood with polio. I can hardly move and I also have some another health problems. My life doesn't promise me any big better changes, but there are a lot of interesting things in life and I try to do my best to continue to live and do something useful. I am good at quilting, painting and writing. If I had an opportunity of working in a newspaper I would choose to write about women's rights. I hope with the help of my friends I will manage to do this work. In any way, I realize and I know for sure, THE GOD is with me.


I am 54 years old, I am a teacher of music and this is what I really can do well. I had a trauma of my left leg and now my leg is much more shorter then usual leg. I don't want to tell what a problem is for me to move. It's my Problem and pain. Because of my problem I couldn't marry ....
I tried some years ago to make quilts and then quit. When Tina Bregvadze offered me to do the same I was simply glad. My working is before you and it's your turn to judge. I have heard a lot interesting things about you and your husband. GOD bless you.

As for me you know me as Tina's friend and officer of "Gori Disables' Club". If anything is done at the club, is done by us Tina and me. She says I am her legs and hands. I am teacher and I am good at singing, dancing and writing essays, short novels and doing quilts. Making quilts is my hobby. There is only one problem for me, the lack of time. I am not disabled, but I always stand by the disabled people. If I can do something useful for them I will be glad.

My mother reared me alone. My father died many years ago. My disability is my left arm. I am an orhan, my parents died long ago. My grandma brought me up alone. am 27 years old. I am a painter. I graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. I also am a professional designer of carpets and rugs. The workings which I have sent to you are the copies of a world wide famous painter-animalist Niko Pirosmanishvili. I hope for a success.

I am 55 years old. I married the man who I loved. We have a daughter of 26. 13 years ago I fell down from the apple-tree and became disabled. I am confined to a wheelchair. Soon after my trouble I found I have difficulties with my husband. First we began to quarrel, but later it ended in physical abuse. We hated each other. Two years later we divorced. Frankly speaking, I was glad that it happened, I found out he was not ready and strong enough to stand against the difficulties. I did not need such man. I brought up my daughter alone.
Now my occupation is to live with my another part of life(disability) and with the problems of my daughter. I read, listen to the music and make quilts. The only problem is my low income, which doesn't give me a chance to live respectfully.


I am 57 and I am single. When doctors said they were going to amputate my right leg I was shocked. It seemed to me everything ended. I was close to commit a suicide. My friends helped me to survive. I am teacher of mathematics and I decided to give lessons in mathematics at home. Pupils come at my place
and I teach them. This is my only income except my pension. When I have spare time I make quilts, knit or sew something. I would be very glad if my quilt would be sold in the USA.

When I faced the sad reality I am disabled the only thought was I am a burden for my family. My parents assured me that it is not the end. The end is only death. I went on living and survived. I am lame. It is the result of polio. My legs are terribly deformed, I can hardly move. Years passed and I graduated from the University, I am a teacher of literature, but I am unemployed, because of my disability, schools are ashamed to have a lame teacher. For my necessary needs I earn selling some kinds of goods. I like painting and quilting, but I have a little spare time to occupy myself with such pleasant work. But all the same I try my best.

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